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A singing bowl is a bell made from an alloy of copper and tin and can sustain a musical note when struck. Traditionally singing bowls were made from an alloy of materials associated with a heavenly body and most of the time there were seven metals. The commonly mentioned alloys were, copper, mercury, gold, silver, iron, tin, and lead. Singing bowls are also said to contain meteoritic iron. An analysis was carried out on some of the ancient singing bowls and the alloys they found were lead, zinc, iron and silver but there were no traces of gold or mercury as far as the results by the measuring apparatus are concenend the result of the analysis carried out on some ancient the singing bowls found, the meatals that were in it were lead, zinc, iron, and silver but the traces of mercury and gold claimed to be used were not found as far as the results of the measuring apparatus were used.

When making singing bowls, the molten metal is hammered by hand. Modern made singing bowls may be made by hand hammering but they can also be sand cast and then followed by machine-lathing. When finishing the singing bowls, they can be decorated by a message of goodwill or motifs or rings, stars, leaves or dots.

The main use for singing bowls is mediation and healing. The sounds generated when the singing bowls are struck have a type of energy medicine that promotes healing. Our ability to hear with more than just our ears are awakened by the pure sonic waves produced by the singing bowls.
A disharmony within the body is what causes sickness. We can change the structure of matter by changing the rate of vibration or energy because matter is energy vibration at different rates. The singing bowls produce vibrations that can impact our nervous system and influence our relaxation reflex to inhibit the stress and pain response.

The idea that illness is caused by a hindrance in the energy flow in the body is the reason singing bowls are used. Parts of the body that require energy flow have it restored by the sound frequencies produced by the singing bowls. Singing bowls are also known to stimulate our brainwaves. Our brain is entrained by a pulsation of sound they produce. You are able to relax and feel good because of the pulsating tone. This important aspect makes it suitable for brainwave entertainment.

Our spiritual and physical being’s connection is known as chakra. the seven main chakras are associated with the endocrine gland. When there is a physical dysfuntion, it means that one of the chakras is either blocked, dysfunctional or imbalanced. To ensure that the endocrine gland and the associated structures and organs are balanced and start to function, chakra balancing is done. The singing bowls produce sound waves in the form of sine waves which correct frequencies in the unbalanced chakras to bring them back to normal functioning. Singing bowls are also used for religious purposes. The singing bowls are usually struck by a wood block to produce a sound during chanting.

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