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The Important Role that Law Enforcement Agencies Play in our Society

In each and every societal setup or organization there will often be a set of rules which will be placed to be in operation so as to ensure that there is indeed a meaningful and harmonious coexistence of the members of the particular society or group of people living together. The fact that we must anyway accept is that as good as the laws may be on paper and intention, they will need the backing of a body to look into their enforcement so as to ensure that they do live up to their needs for without this, the laws will be but as good as nothing, meaning nothing in so far as their purpose is meant to be. It is a fact that without the law enforcement agencies and their services, you will not be in a position to find yourself the right body to protect you from the acts of violence and crime that may expose you to harm and loss as a result of crime essentially rendering the laws as good as not being in existence. Considering the fact that as humans we are as social as beings, we will always live in those setups where we have to be in social interactions with fellow human beings. In truth, in the very society within which we live and wish to coexist as a group, there will be those who will be hell bent towards the disregard and disrespect of the rights and freedoms of others and as well live in contravention of the common sense of purpose of financial, social and moral responsibilities towards other members of the society. Their excesses will be seen when they try to take advantage of you, steal from you or get you threatened some way for reasons you may not make head or tail of. It is for the sake of such miscreants in the society that we have the need of the police, as law enforcement bodies, to be a deterrent against them and as such ensure that all are within the confines of the set laws in so far as they are relating with others in the society.

If there were no law enforcement agencies, we would have to on our own take all them who wrong us to the magistrates’ court. The services of the law enforcement bodies is as well a necessity for you whenever you have a case of burglary, break in or any other kind of crime done to you investigated and the perpetrators brought to book and of course justice served and this is a service you may not actually be able to handle on your own without the relevant skills as possessed by the professionals in law enforcement.

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